Helping the "lowest of the low" in our community

There are countries in the world where donkeys are valued for being the sensitive, social and highly intelligent creatures they actually are. Unfortunately this is not the case in this area of the world where, to most people, a donkey is nothing more than a worthless work tool. The goal of Donkey Rights Group is to provide these severely abused and precious animals with a retirement in peace and harmony; to do all we can to protect these donkeys from being left to die alone somewhere on the street when they are too old or sick to work anymore.
Every rescued life here at the sanctuary, and every subsequent rescued life, is totally dependent upon the generosity of our supporters and we are eternally grateful for all donations and help. If you would like to support us in helping all these poor, little souls, Any donation, no matter how small it is, will make a difference in helping us to help our precious rescued donkeys.